Protecting Your Business Identity

Any person who decides to enter the business world is trying to make a living by putting one of their ideas into practice. They are trying to create something in this world that will make sure their ideas are turned into a reality. They are trying to earn a profit by providing some kind of a service or a good to the community.

However, if your business idea is to succeed you need to have a good company setup in Dubai. Just having an idea does not make you the owner of a successful business. You need to consider all the actions that you have to take in order to create a business as well as to protect the brand identity of the said business.


Protecting the Business Name

Your business name is your identity. If you hear the name Nike you know which company it is. That is because their business name is well-established. However, just having an established business name is not going to work in the long run. It is because of a very valid reason. Any business is going to have competitors. If a business is very successful and the business name is not legally protected, a competitor of the said business could use the same business name and sell their products as well. That is not fair. However, if you have not done proper trade name registration Dubai that is what is going to happen to your business. Since different countries have different laws regarding this legal action, you need to find out the laws relevant to you and follow them to the letter. 

Protecting the Business Mark

Second most important thing about your business that sets it apart from other businesses is the business mark or the trademark. Trademark can be anything from a symbol to a word or a song that a business uses to distinguish it from the other products in the market. For example, if you see the special V shape mark of Nike you know what it means anywhere. You may have a symbol of your own. If you do not follow the laws necessary to protect it as your own you may lose your business’s identity to someone else. This is especially important if you are planning on expanding your market to other countries. For example, if you are from USA and have taken necessary steps there to protect your business mark you need to take legal steps to protect your trademark if you are planning on entering the UAE market as well.

A business brand is as important as the business operations. That is why you need to consider every step that needs to be taken to protect your brand identity.